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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

Well, yesterday marked 100 items de-owned!  While I am excited to reach this milestone, my home doesn't look like I have gotten rid of anything.  I have come to the conclusion that it is going to take hundreds of items departing before my home looks less cluttered.  One step at a time.

The next several posts are going to be a little redundant.  When Astronerd was wee, I organized a neighborhood Scholastic Book Club ordering group.  Because of this and the desire of my neighbors to purchase books, I received a gazillion free children's books.

Now my children are older and do not have any attachment to most of the books.  The entire family went through our children's book collection and picked out the ones that meant something to them.

B said "Mom, if you list those books at five per day, I am going to stop reading your blog. That will be sooo boring."  B is right.  A lot of February would be spent listing books.  What I decided to do is report them in groups of 15.  That way, I can get the satisfaction of posting about stuff I have de-owned, but not take up my blog for the next three weeks.  Don't fret!  I will add some other stuff so each post  won't be too boring.  I will even include the non-TMI tale of how I accidentally tried to de-own part of my finger a couple of weeks ago.

15 children's books de-owned.

Destination:  Elementary School Faculty Room

Items De-Owned to Date: 115

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