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I am also a wife, mother, elected official, cyclist, nerd, church volunteer, musician,victim of adult-onset athleticism, community volunteer, and homemaker. I am married to Fun Has Arrived (FHA) and am mother of Astronerd and B. Contact me at Karenchronicles at gmail dot com.


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

Good morning!   Welcome to  first time visitors via my friend's blog, Be It Ever So Humble!  Of course I welcome those who have plugged along with me thus far.

1. Packet of flower seeds.  As much as I long to be a "hang out in the backyard and play in the dirt" gardener, all I have time to do is grow weeds.  However, I am the master of whiskey barrel flower garden.

2. 2005 Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements.  Like that is going to help any Boy Scout in 2012.

3. A very special UPC code from a Breyer Horse.  Every Christmas and birthday, I would ask for a real horse.   I would pray for a real horse.  Oh, how I wanted a horse.  I didn't get a real horse, but I would get Breyer horses.  Sadly, in a fit of teenage de-owning, I sold most of them for next to nothing.  I think the selling of the horses is about the only de-owning regret I have ever had.  I will now step off  Memory Lane and back to the topic.  Astronerd collects Breyer horses and received a horse that was part of a "Buy three certain horses, save the UPC codes, mail them in and get a fourth horse".  The additional purchases didn't happen and I believe the offer expired.

4. Calculator with  Rosemary Wells bunny stickers on it.  When B was in junior high and starting the "one needs a calculator to figure THIS math out" stage, we bought matching Texas Instruments solar calculators.   It was way I could support her and make her think I would be able to help her with her math.  Heh.  These calculators could solve all sorts of math problems.   I put Rosemary Wells stickers on my calculator to differentiate it from hers.  The bunny calculator gave up the ghost, so out it went.  Maybe each calculator has a set number of math problems it will calculate in its life and when the time comes, Poof!, it's done.

5. Singer mending gluey stuff on a roll.  Since I have an aversion to sewing right now, I thought this would be great for tacking up hems, etc. The package said it would wash right out.  Don't be fooled. It is like that stuff that attaches credit cards to mailers, but a lot stickier.  This would have been a nightmare in the washer and dryer. Fortunately, I saw what could happen without experiencing it.

Destinations:  B, Recycle, Garbage

Items De-owned To Date: 261

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