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I am also a wife, mother, elected official, cyclist, nerd, church volunteer, musician,victim of adult-onset athleticism, community volunteer, and homemaker. I am married to Fun Has Arrived (FHA) and am mother of Astronerd and B. Contact me at Karenchronicles at gmail dot com.


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012

Happy Valloween!  This is what FHA calls Valentine's Day, because to him, it is the scariest holiday of all.

1. 3 VHS Cases.

2. Boo boo bunny.  What is a boo boo bunny you ask?  It is a cleverly folded washcloth that one puts ice in to put on boo boos.  Our boo boo bunny ended up being a chalk eraser thanks to Astronerd.

3. Make Practicing Fun cd.  Yes, Astronerd, practicing CAN be fun.  The software was outdated and the pass code was already used by B.

4. Children's book.

5. 20 books to B.

Destination:  B, Deseret Industries and garbage.

Total Items De-owned To Date:  224

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