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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

Today contains a variety of items with loads o' links:

1.  8 pieces of laminate flooring.  This was left over from FHA's work in the entry and hall.  I have no idea why we kept them these several years as it is nearly impossible to use them as replacements.

2. Barbie country camper parts.  Oh, how I loved my Barbie Country Camper!  My sister and I had matching campers and would set up elaborate camps in our living room.  Suddenly, a tornado was coming!  We need to decamp immediately!  The leisurely camping trip would turn in a race against the clock as we loaded up and pushed our campers across the shag carpet, over the tile entry (I can still hear the roar of the the hard plastic tires on the tile), down the hall to safety in our bedrooms.  My camper fell apart years ago and I still had a few pieces I couldn't let go.  I finally did it.

3. Wallety thing.  Some sort of billfold thing I didn't know I owned.

4.  Bruce the oven mitt.  Have you seen the movie Finding Nemo?  If so, you know Bruce.   Well, we had a blue silicone oven mitt  we named Bruce.  Sadly, Bruce got punctured in a bad spot, resulting in burns for wearer (me), so out he went.  There was some mourning.

5. A Sunburst cup.  What is a Sunburst cup you may ask?  It is this.   I went on a collecting binge and had tons of these cups.  I remember my Grandmother Romney serving us homemade root beer in these cups. I can still hear the clink of the ice cubes hitting the sides of these aluminum babies.  I must digress and tell you about my grandmother's root beer. Did she make it with dry ice?  Nooooooooooo.  She would concoct a mixture containing yeast a few weeks before our visits, pour it into large glass bottles and use a bottle capper to seal the lids.  It would then ferment until our visit.  Heh.  It was good stuff.

Destinations:  Deseret Industries, B, Garbage

Items De-owned To Date:  236

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