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Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Good morning!  We are approaching 300 items and my house still looks pretty full.  On a good note, certain areas have been cleaned out by my family, such as videos and water bottles!!

1. Winnie the Pooh overalls.  Yes, another pair from B's early life.

2. Video case. 

3. Water shoe. Note the singular, one water shoe.  I searched for the other and couldn't find it.  I wondered what good would one shoe be when I have another pair?  I don't have three feet.  I imagine somewhere down the road, I will be posting another "water shoe".

4. 4 latex swim caps.  I spent my childhood summers living at the subdivision swimming pool.  Girls HAD to wear swim caps to their hair wouldn't clog the filters.  I would wear a dreadful thick, rubber, white cap with a chin strap and thought even though I hated it, it was worth being able to swim.  I remember when the rules changed and girls didn't have to wear swim caps.  I felt so free!  

When one does open water swim triathons, one is given a certain swim cap color depending on the category one entered.  I have a number of caps and hate them. Have you ever tried to put a thin latex swim cap on your head?  It is so grippy, it really hurts. Then they are so tight, one feels like one's head is going to implode.  Ugh.   I use silicone caps, while a bit more expensive, are much more durable and comfortable.  And no, my caps don't look like this. 

5. 15 water bottles.  My family LOVES water bottles.  If there are some on the Target clearance row, at least one comes home with FHA.  If there is a new cool one at the bike shop, it comes home with me.  We had devoted a ton of space to water bottles-Nalgene, Camelback, Polar, Eddie Bauer, etc.   We finally went through them and kept the ones we truly use.

Destination:  Deseret Industries, Garbage.

Items De-owned to Date:  288

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