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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

Last day of children's books and the bending of the definition of "de-own".  Today I am using "de-own" to mean returning something to its owner.  BUT, in defense of my definition, I thought  four books were ours and I was de-owning them.  Both Astronerd and B said "Mom!  Those are Grandma's books."  I had completely forgotten one of my kids borrowed them.  I returned them to Grandma, who by the way, remembered them.  Sorry we had them so long, Grandma.

Two of the items I de-owned were Scholastic children's book/tape sets.  My kids loved listening to books on tape, especially the ones read by grandparents.  When B was small, my parents read a collection of picture books onto tape, complete with Vivaldi's Four Seasons background music and a bell and I believe bulb horn to indicate page turns.  Those are still treasures in our home.

Items De-Owned (and returned): 15

Destination:  Deseret Industries, Elementary School Faculty Room and Grandma's House

Items De-Owned to Date:  175

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