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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

Why yes, more cookbooks, but I haven't given up cooking.  I revived my sourdough starter after its sitting in the fridge since last summer. Two years ago,  I used Nancy Silverton's starter recipe involving flour, water and grapes.  It took a lot of tending at first and even went through a "lava lamp looking" stage.  It's all normal now and very tasty.

1. 100 Grand National Recipes 1954. A cookbook Pillsbury didn't produce.
2. 300 Ways to Serve Eggs. I didn't need this because in my world, scrambled is the ONLY way to serve eggs.
3. Short Cut Breads.  These aren't breads that are cut into tiny pieces rather easy ways to make bread.  I still have a number of bread books, so I didn't need this one.
4. The 150 Best American Recipes.   One of the books I received thanks to the credit card thief.
5. Betty Crocker Quick and Easy.  See #4.

Destination:  B

Items De-owned to date: 75

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