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Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

Ah, Friday the 13th. It is certainly bad luck for these things because they are HEADED OUT! Actually, it may be better for them because they will go to someone who actually wants them.

1. 6 issues of Taste of Home
2. 6 issues of Taste of Home
3. 6 issues of Taste of Home
4. 6 issues of Taste of Home
5. 6 issues of Taste of Home

 That's five years of Taste of Home. A cautionary tale: Taste of Home was kind of sneaky, or actually, I was very inattentive. The company kept sending me subscription notices even though my subscription didn't run out for a LONG time. I didn't pay attention and paid the bill. Lo and behold, I was subscribed for what seemed like an eternity! Fortunately, I became more attentive and it didn't happen again. I remember looking at the subscription expiration date and thinking "Wow, 2007 (or whatever year I had subscribed to) is SO far away! I wonder what my life will be like then?"

I bet you never knew one can have deep philosophical/life journey thoughts while looking at a magazine label.

Destination: DI
Items de-owned to date: 40

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