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Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

I got brave and cleaned out my container shelves in the kitchen.  I love little containers.  If they had feelings, they would love me too.  We have a mutually beneficial relationship.  Well little guys, I love ya, but there are too many of you.  Some of you had to leave.

1.  KFC plastic container.  So cute and tiny, but with a lid that frustrated me.

2.  Little Caesars plastic container.  See #1

3. Non-slip ring for bottom of bowl.  What good is a non-slip ring if it keeps slipping out of the groove on the bottom of the bowl?

4. Ziploc storage bowl.  You served me well, but as I recall,  the microwave was not kind to you.

5.  Lids to containers I no longer own.  I think the containers went off to the side of the road to die, which by the way, is where you will find single socks.

Destination:  Recycling and Garbage

Items De-owned to date:  85

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