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Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

More cookbooks!  I am getting tired of saying that, but I am not tired of the space I now have.

1.  1953 Pillsbury Recipes.  Another cookbook from a contest.
2.  100 Prize winning bakeoff recipes.  Yet another cookbook from a contest.
3.  12th Grand national bake-off.  ANOTHER cookbook from a contest.
4.   BHG Kids' Snacks.  There are some cute ideas in this book, but the internet is such a great resource I felt I didn't need the book.
5.   HP books canning.  This is an old canning book.  I am not sure if its instructions are still recommended.  I also have the Ball Blue Book, which I use and love.

Destination:  Mom and Deseret Industries

Items De-owned: 65

Hang in there, cookbooks will end late next week.  heh.

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