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I am also a wife, mother, elected official, cyclist, nerd, church volunteer, musician,victim of adult-onset athleticism, community volunteer, and homemaker. I am married to Fun Has Arrived (FHA) and am mother of Astronerd and B. Contact me at Karenchronicles at gmail dot com.


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Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Astronerd!  In honor of AN's birthday, the following are heading out:

1. Fleishman's New Treasury Yeast Baking.   Yeast is one of those very mysterious things.  Is it a plant?  Is it a tiny animal?  I want it to give off gas so my dough will rise?  If so, it is the only thing I know of where I appreciate its giving off gas. Learn about yeast here.
2. Pillsbury Bake-off Dessert Cook Book.  Why yes, another Bake-off cookbook. They create enough cookbooks to support an army of Doughboys. 
3. Sunset Herb Guide.  A freebie with my subscription.
4. How to Clean Practically Everything.  I have given up cleaning.  Not really, but I have a more recent edition of this Consumer Reports book.
5. Recipes, Party Plans and Garnishes.  Circa 1950s-60s book on all things party-like.  I forgot I had it and B much more appreciates it.  Get planning parties B and invite me!

Destinations:  Mom, B, and Deseret Industries

Items De-owned to date: 70

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