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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Even more cookbooks and a DVD

1.  Easy Suppers.  The suppers would have been easier if I had remembered I had this cookbook.

2.  Better Homes and Gardens Meat Cookbook 1968.  I know, it seems impossible to think of a time when there wasn't Photoshop, but there was.  And 1968 was Photoshopless.  You should see the pictures in these cookbooks.  Very vibrant!  Being someone who doesn't eat a lot of meat (I am a carbovore), it did not look too appetizing.  However to Astronerd and FHA, passionate carnivores, they liked the idea of a book just about meat.  They also realized the recipes aint' gonna happen.

3.  Pillsbury Best of One Dish Meals.  How many cookbooks can Pillsbury get out of one competition?  Apparently a lot.

4.  Our Beary Best Recipes. Beary?  Really?  It must have been the teddy bear with the chef's hat on the cover, as I didn't see any recipes with bear in them. This is one of those self-published compilation cookbooks used for fundraisers or church groups.  I must have purchased it at a thrift store because I have NO idea who the women are who contributed recipes.

5.  Touching Wild Horses DVD.  Bought it in the bargain bin of the Modesto CA Blockbuster Video to keep kids quiet on the return home.  It worked.

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