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I am also a wife, mother, elected official, cyclist, nerd, church volunteer, musician,victim of adult-onset athleticism, community volunteer, and homemaker. I am married to Fun Has Arrived (FHA) and am mother of Astronerd and B. Contact me at Karenchronicles at gmail dot com.


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Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012

Stuff, stuff everywhere!  I have spent the morning going through the giant paper pile that has accrued in the last couple of weeks.

1.  A book I received as an elected official.  Glancing at the back of it, the book tells me all the world's problems will be solved if everyone on the planet stopped eating meat.

2.  Package of medicine that expired in 2005.

3.  Electrical outlet cover.

4.  A dead pen found on the basement floor.

5.  Papers from a church responsibility I will no longer being doing.  I am still finding papers from church responsibilities I had decades ago, so I am trying to nip this in the bud.

Destinations:  Garbage, Deseret Industries

Items De-owned to date:  332

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