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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

Today's post is going to take a little different tack.  I have gotten rid of what I estimate are between 75-100 things in the last few days.  I decided to encourage neighborhood kids to read by offering an incentive:  For every book read or read to them, a child can come to my house and score a piece of candy.  Well, word got out and neighborhood kids have been visiting my home.  I have been told about swans, crocodiles and penguins.  Children have been bringing books over and we have been sitting on the couch, reading about hens, Hello Kitty and fashion shows.  I have brought some of my children's books upstairs and those have been read too.  Lots of candy has left the house and I am excited to have such eager readers in my neighborhood.  

In the spirit of the original intent of the board, I did get rid of a bulky entertainment center that has been living in our basement.  I tried to sell it, but nobody wanted to buy it, so I gave it away.

Destinations: Candy-tummies, Entertainment Center-a new home in a neighboring community

Items de-owned to date (excluding candy):  326

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